The essence of Yeyecoa Healing practice is for you to connect with your own healing force. This force or source is within you.

You carry the poison and the medicine. It is up to you which one you energise with your attention and your thinking.

All you have to do is to honor it and deepen your communion with it. Within your own Yeyecoa practice is contained the true medicine of your soul's journey. In you lies your truest shaman.

Yeyecoa is an ancient practice whose purpose is to cleanse your energy through a deep communion with your self. This practice develops inner connectedness with being or source, your true essence and nature, eternal and ever present. During this communion, spontaneous breaths and movements occur, and they must be allowed to occur, because as they come from beyond the mind, they contain a unique and unexplainable self-medicine, intelligence and information.

Yeyecoa Healing is a powerful spiritual practice that will bring healing to yourself and those around you.
Currently Ernesto is holding sessions in private studios in Point Grey, Kitsilano and in West Vancouver.