Lineage Principles

  1. Live in Truth
  2. Be Present in the Present Feeling
  3. Be One with All
  4. Plan your Day. Plan your Life
  5. Create the Experience
  6. Be Harmless
  7. Be One with All Time
  8. Be Self-Aware, Centered and Responsible in your Experience
  9. Create by Chosing what Feels Best
  10. Allow All to Be
  11. Be Persistent
  12. Trust what Happens

These principles are the thinking foundations of the lineage when it comes to our creating our own experience both internally and externally. They represent the self mastery that we could establish in order to experience the best, the grandest and the most joyful human experience possible - the Oneness realization, Christ consciousness, Buddha nature or in this lineage that I'm sharing, the Quetzalcoatl golden way.