Yeyecoa Yoga is the physical expression of the ancient Mexican spiritual lineage of Quetzalcoatl.

The essence of the Quetzalcoatl consciousness is to purify the human being in order to experience communion and oneness with source. The Quetzalcoatl consciousness honours self-awareness, mastery and transformation into Oneness realization.

This Mexican lineage of enlightenment has been dormant for several generations. Many authors and channelers have stated that the Quetzalcoatl consciousness and the Christ consciousness are one and the same.


Yeyecoa is a word that comes from the Nahuatl dialect, a language from ancient Mexico that is still spoken by some communities in modern Mexico.

In Nahuatl, it means spiritual exercise based on a deep communion within your own source energy lineage. This enables self-expression of feeling, movement and sound to lighten up your multidimensional being. .

I experience it as spontaneous breaths, sound and movement that come from beyond the mind, from a place of communion and connection with source. When breath and energy within is honored in this way, your own inate source lineage will bring its true energy in movement. This practice will cleanse your whole energy system and lead to a completely new way of experiencing life.


This lineage has been dormant for eight genrations/life times. During the last 15 years Ernesto has been initiated, guided and tested to bring this lineage forward.


The essence is for you to comune and pay attention to your own felling vibration - deeply. In Yeyecoa there are no prescribed movements and no one to follow but your own self.

A big component of the practice lies in TRUSTING and ALLOWING your own feeling vibration to expand and let your breath, sound and energy movements to simply be expressed, whatever expression they may take. Sometimes, they're very soft and gentle and, sometimes, they're intense shaking, spirals and jumping. At other times, you'll find yourself in profound stillness, in a posture you'd have never considered possible to hold for so long. The mind's role is to be present and aware, yet passive and observant.

It is a moving healing meditation whose purpose is to commune with the true source of your being.

Yeyecoa Yoga honors the individuality of each person and also the wisdom that each of us has within, which is being or source. It allows us to reconnect with our essence and stops us from identifying with the interpretations of the mind.

Our bodies hold our past energy blockages as a result of physical issues, illness, emotional contractions and accidents. But they also hold the way to heal that is unique to each person.

The main guru in your life is already in you - you just have to remember, commune and reconnect. Your breath and your energetic feeling field are waiting to be given the opportunity to bring healing and enlightenment to your present human experience. All you need to do is honour them with your attention, presence, awareness and trust.